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Moulting Press
 Concept Rings tell another story of London’s streets. Made up from up-cycled daily newspapers, jewellery pieces enclose anxious content and open a space for reclamation. Turning distress into precious personal belongings is a powerful way to immediately subvert its meaning.

Wear them, keep them close and drain the headlines out of its negative powers!
Each piece is unique and hand crafted, sealed with epoxy resin.

Please note that all products are one-off designs. This means that each item will be slightly different from the sample one you see on the website. Please consider it as product's uniqueness. Characteristics of the materials are strictly depended on the current content of found publications. Some parts of the creating process are based upon randomness and are unpredictable, others are percisly crafted and curated.  Due to the material's particularities some imperfections may be visible. They are natural part of the process and to a certain extened they are controlled and welcomed.

custom orders

If the item you'd like to buy is out of stock or you'd like to request different size, you can dm me on Instagram @moultingpress to ask for a custom order and I'll craft your desired piece. Also if you have any preferences, suggestions or have your own newspaper cut-outs that you'd like to transform into jewellery - I'll be glad to make a unique item designed exclusively for you!

****worldwide shipping****

All Moulting Press items are carefully handcrafted and usually are made for order. For ready-to-ship pieces, order processing takes up to 2 calendar days before being shipped. Items crafting proccess takes up to 6 calendar days. Shipping tracking number will be sent to you as soon as your item is shipped. The delivery proccess depends on the destination and usually takes 5-14 days.

*Please note that due to the pandemic shipping times may be extended